• Marina Kushnir

The Words you never said...

Nothing weighs heavier than the words you never said.

It is all inside, in your cells, your blood and your DNA.

The silent that have kept - Unspoken.

It is trapping beliefs and patterns through time.

Do yourself a favor and your ancestors too.

BE the most fully EXPRESSED version of YOU.

Release your burdens and have no regrets.

Let go of the weight of karmatic debts.

No more excuses & No more delays.​

If you have released your fear, what would you say?​

​What are the words you cannot express?

Let them flow out like in a cleansing ride.​

Free yourself across time and space.

Open yourself deeply to the Universal true face.

Speak your truth and let yourself be seen,

Share your heart and say what you mean.

Doors will appear within those old ​walls,

The world is now waiting.

It is you that she calls...

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