• Marina Kushnir

Sacred Nothingness

And for some time I was there...

Deep in the Void, down, down into my subconscious,

down to where all the WILD parts of me live.

They look my way and their eyes seem to see right through me,

and I know there is nothing they do not see.

Slowly, gently and with lots of patience I can get the sense of what just happened in the last few days,

it feels like a phase inside of me is now shifting.

I want to be present as much as I can so I could remember these lessons and speak them with words.

We rise and we fall.

So that we may rise again.

A thousand deaths. In order to live a thousand lives. moments by moments,

it is time to set feet on a new path and turn the heads to look again.

I have chosen to take the adventure of the unknown mystery,

an invisible portal that leads out and into an alternative dimension.

My love, it is time now,

say goodbye to the old fears, release it all, let go

ready the body, mind, and soul, to sense the deeper rhythms,

ground into deeper being,

and patiently reconnect all the scattered pieces.

Removed from the false perceptions, I make place for the transformation so that the spiritual wisdom and knowledge may grow within,

passionate and strong.

A new chapter begins today,

I was born ready

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