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The Burning Castle

A beautiful creative love story of events.
Together with mycophobia we have created conceptual events - such as:
"Down the Rabbit Hole" - event with 3 different stages, using performances, artists, actors, costumes and lots of musician and human interaction pure creative fun.

"The Burning Castle" - Immersive Theatre that creates Urban Burn Experience.
A night that is a takeover a whole building with 4 different floors and 15 studios, Collaborating with 50 different Actors to create a full immersive experience - each studio became a whole world by itself with a theme, theatre actors and interaction, 


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The PlayGround

A Wild Adventure of Music, Live Shows, and a Fair.
Celebrating life to its fullest
with a curation of Artists,
Performers, Wild Concepts and Lots of FUN.
Colllaboration Between Ginjah Vibes & Pumiki.

Ginjah Vibes
Dance & Love Parties

Unique Events that creates a tribe of loving and connected hearts.
Parties that makes the soul expansion and the exciting beating of the body, heart and soul.


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Festivals, Gathering & Lectures for positive Sexuality, Intimacy & Shamanism.

Collaboration between
Ginjah Vibes & MycoPhobia.

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Recreation logo yes.png

 Unique combination between a Festival and a Retreat - "Recreation" Gathering & Parties.


A full spectrum adventure of music and Dance, workshops of Self development and discovery.

This Gathering creates a Shamanic adventure of Love, Intimacy, Tribe, Dance and discovery.

Collaboration between

Ginjah Vibes & Pumiki


Shamanic Retreat, that works with movement, body and the Emotions.
Created a Tribal Experience that is a breakthrough after breakthrough.

A deep journey into shadow work initiation. 
3 days of a positive method to change your life and gain tools for transformation from the roots. Facilitated by Marina Kushnir.

A sacred Sexuality initiation.
working with nudity, genders, the inner Eros and that collective Erotic energy.
This is a Wild retreat that makes a strong change in the perception of sexuality.


The Temples are designed to accelerate the soul’s awakening process.

The Temples are made to touch all aspects of conscious sacred living. 

It is suitable for those who have already made considerable progress on their path of liberation and embodiment and also welcomes the new ones that are showing interest and the will to start the journey of awakening in their lives. 

In the Temples we are gathering together to pray, to play, to dive deeper into the mystery of our soul, body and consciousness.

It is not just a workshop but the actual living experience of being part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic and ecstatic life. 

The Temples are a fusion of inspiration that have been collected during years of journeys, initiations, explorations and deep teachings.

The temples are a weekly beat that Guided by Marina Kushnir.

There are also many workshop and retreats happens every month.

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Nourishment Temples

A collaboration with Ori Halevy, 

A Luxurious nights in a Private Villa.

A Temple that is all about the senses, Erotic Eating with 3 Different Chefs

that are cooking unique and interactive dished just for us,

10 Different portions - 

each comes with a different story, flavors and colors.

And than, after our bellies are full and heart is melted we move to a

Night temple that involves Eros and space for love.

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